Wicklow & Glendalough

Wicklow & Glendalough - From €25.

Depart Burgh Quay at 09:30.

Coast Road

We will set off from Dublin and down the East coast of Ireland towards Dun Laoghaire, with stunning views of the sea through some of Ireland’s most beautiful seaside towns.

Dun Laoghaire Harbour

We will then arrive at Dun Laoghaire Harbour. This picturesque town which is built out from its harbour is home to Yachts, big and small and is steeped in history. The town's name means "fort of Laoghaire". This refers to Lóegaire mac Néill, a 5th century High King of Ireland, who chose the site as a sea base from which to carry out raids on Britain and Gaul. Traces of fortifications from that time have been found on the coast, and some of the stone is kept in the Maritime Museum.

Martello Tower

Martello towers, sometimes known simply as Martello’s, are small defensive forts that were built across the British Empire during the 19th century, from the time of the French Revolutionary Wars onwards. Most were coastal forts. They stand up to 40 feet (12 m) high (with two floors) and typically had a garrison of one officer and 15–25 men. Their round structure and thick walls of solid masonry made them resistant to cannon fire, while their height made them an ideal platform for a single heavy artillery piece, mounted on the flat roof and able to traverse, and hence fire over, a complete 360° circle. A few towers had moats or other batteries and works attached for extra defence. The Martello towers were used during the first half of the 19th century, but became obsolete with the introduction of powerful rifled artillery. Many have survived to the present day, often preserved as historic monuments. In the second half of the 19th century, there was another spate of tower and fort building, during the premiership of Lord Palmerston. The Palmerston Forts are also circular in design and resemble Martello towers.

Avoca Hand-Weavers

We will then stop in the wonderful Avoca Hand Weavers for a coffee break. Here you will be able to see the trees planted by the famous Jameson Family of the Jameson Whisky Distillery. This is Ireland’s oldest working hand weaving mill with a clothing and home goods store plus café.


After leaving Avoca, we will make our way up the Long Hill onto the Monastic Settlement of St. Kevin at Glendalough Heritage site. Here we will tour the site and stop for a lunch break. While at Glendalough, there is a choice of things to do. While there you can attend the Glendalough Museum and Visitors centre and learn the history of this site. There are multiple walks which can be done while in Glendalough, which will give you a great view of the lakes at Glendalough. We will then depart for the Wicklow Gap.

The Wicklow Gap and Return to Dublin.

Departing from the monastic settlement, we will make our way onto Military Road and across the Wicklow Gap. Here we will visit the Blessington Lakes and Reservoir. This will be the final leg of the trip as we begin to make our way back to Dublin, arriving back in Dublin at 17:00hrs.

Trip Itinerary

Depart Burgh Quay at 09:30.
Travel along the Coast Road.
Visit Dun Laoghaire Harbour and the Town.
Scenic driving tour of the Martello Towers.
Stop in Avoca Hand-weavers for a coffee break and shopping.
Travel to Glendalough and tour the visitor centre.
Travel to the Wicklow Gap.
Return to Dublin.

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