Fair Isle Tours, Secure Online Payment

Secure Online Payment
When you book/order here on FairIsleTours.com and will be using either VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal as your payment, this process will be handled through our secure online payment partners Paypal, Stripe or another.

An element of the ordering process will redirect you to either a Paypal/Stripe etc payment page – depending who you select. All communication between you and the payment partner’s server is encrypted and uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for handling data transfer. This ensures maximum safety around your payment details and that there can be no breach of your personal information which you have entered.

We will never ask you for your signature or to enter your PIN, however you maybe asked to for Verified By VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, which are systems that are provided by banks to prevent fraud with your card details. As an added security measure, and for peace of mind, we recommend you using these security options if your bank/card provider supports it.

If you experience any misuse of your card, contact your bank immediately. They can assist you to get your money back and/or to cancel the card.
If you have questions about payments on indianspiceco.com, please feel free to Contact Us.